Welcome to Hydessco

Hydessco LLC, formerly SEMCO, is located in one of the most prolific US Oil & Gas economies. Headquartered in North Eastern Texas in the City of Kilgore, which was once considered the oil capital of the world. Our location provides easy access to Oklahoma, Louisiana, North, Central and South Texas, Eastern New Mexico and South Eastern Colorado. We are a relatively short flight from the rest of the US Oil and Gas Hubs, with the East Texas Regional airport serviced by American Airlines.

About Our Company

Hydessco LLC was established in Early 1996 as a Hydraulics Sales, Service and Manufacturing Company, supplying fluid power solutions to the Oil & Gas Services Industry.

Hydessco LLC specializes in the manufacture of Coil Tubing, Nitrogen, Capillary Units, Pressure Pumping, Radial Drilling, Wire-line, Fluid Transfer, and Industrial Equipment with emphasis on fluid power and mechanical solutions. We offer full service hydraulic design, service and implementation.


Our Mission Statement

As a provider of Fluid Power, Manufacturing, Engineering, Design, Consulting Services and Solutions with primary focus being the Oil and Gas Services Sector, it is our MISSION to perceive the needs and requirements of our clients through understanding and knowledge of their industry. Through this understanding and knowledge we will be able to provide quality products and services offering dynamic solutions that will provide quick and reasonable ROI, which our clients expect and deserve.


Hydraulic Equipment, Fabrication, Engineering, East Texas, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma, USA

Our products and services include:

  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Fabrication
  • Engineering
  • Capillary Tubing
  • Injector Head
  • Coil Tubing
  • Spooler
  • Service Work
  • Hydraulic Repair

Our products and services include:

  • Strapping
  • DNV Skids
  • Portable Offshore Skids
  • BOP Controls
  • Truck Mounts
  • Trailer Mounts
  • Control Cabin
  • 6600 Injector Heads
  • 12.5K  Injector Heads
  • 20K  Injector Heads

We supply our products and services from coast to coast including:

  • East Texas
  • Kilgore, TX
  • Longview, TX
  • Tyler, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • South Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • USA