Hydessco designs, fabricates and assembles heavy-duty, reliable large tubing reels to handle many tubing and pipe applications.  Our support structure design utilizes a drop in reel feature which allows for easy replacement of reels via slide on bearing plates.  We can customize any aspect of the reel, support structure, drive or levelwind system to accommodate our client’s needs.  Hydessco can fabricate a custom reel or design our support structure around a client furnished reel.  Live swivel connections for fluid pumping can be made via ported shaft ends.

An acme rod levelwind system allows for smooth travel of the tubing during payoff or take-up.  A quick-detach feature allows the levelwind drive nut to be detached for free travel.  Mechanical counters and electrical quadrature encoders can be attached to the levelwind system to monitor tubing lengths and speeds.

 Data Sheet Large Reel

Key Features

  • 100% Customizable
  • Drop in Reel Design
  • Shaft Ported for Live Swivel
  • Bearing Lift Plates Pull Tested
  • Smooth Reversing Levelwind
  • Fork Lift Pockets and D-Rings

Standard Options

Counter Pole

Included with dampening spring

Ported Drive Shaft

1” medium pressure for high-pressure swivel connection (swivel not included)

Available Options

Live Swivel

Up to 15ksi swivel options

Tubing Counter

Mechanical counter that attaches to included counter pole

EncoderOptical Quadrature

Fluid Connection

1" MED Pressure
1502 Union