The Hydessco, LLC Standard Spooler is a robust and reliable unit capable of accepting common wooden and steel spools up to Ø60” (sideboard flange) X 36” traverse.  The Standard Spooler drive system consists of high speed/low torque hydraulic motor and chain-driven sprocket reduction.  The Spooler drive shaft is ported to accept a high-pressure swivel connection (up to 15ksi) for hookup to the fluid pump and capillary string.  The levelwind assembly on the Spooler is a chain-driven positioning system powered via hydraulic motor to keep tubing aligned with tubing being paid off and re-wrapped during retrieval.  The operator’s cabin controls regulate backpressure on the Spooler to prevent tubing from free-wheeling as it is injected into a well.

 Data Sheet Standard Spooler

Spool capacity

MAX Spool SizeØ60” X 36 [1524 mm X 915 mm]
MAX Spool Weight4,000 lb [2268 kg]

Physical Characteristics


71” [1804 mm]


86” [2185 mm]1

Stowed Height

60” [1524 mm]2

Deployed HeightMAX

110” [2794 mm]2

1 Does not include live swivel
2 Does not include counter pole

HYDR Power Requirements

Max Pressure

2,000 psi [138 bar]

Min Flow

≥ 6 GPM [23 LPM]

Max Flow

≤ 15 GPM [57 LPM]

Standard Options

Spool Load

Hydraulic Powered

Counter Pole

Included with dampening spring

Ported Drive Shaft

1” medium pressure for high-pressure swivel connection (swivel not included)

Available Options

Live Swivel

Up to 15ksi swivel options

Tubing Counter

Mechanical counter that attaches to included counter pole