Hydessco’s engineering staff has 20 years of combined 3D CAD modeling utilizing SolidWorks, an industry standard CAD package.  With the aid of this beneficial asset, we are able to accurately design and model parametric parts and assemblies to reduce/eliminate potential problems during fabrication and assembly.  We welcome design challenges and have the capability of performing finite element analysis (FEA) when necessary or required to ensure structural suitability of equipment.  From envelope drawings and full system schematics to detailed equipment manuals and CE compliant technical files, our team is competent and dedicated to producing deliverables to high standards. 


Our drafting and design standards follow ASME Y14.38 and we provide all essential information to clearly define part and assembly requirements as well as drawings and parts lists.  This minimizes unnecessary delays between vendors and in-house builds.  We can work with your design department and supply envelope CAD models if necessary.  Hydessco takes a hands-on approach to each task as key departments (fabrication, hydraulics, sales, and engineering) collaborate in the design process. 


Much of our staff has earned SolidWorks certifications.  SolidWorks certifications can be used as a tool or metric that displays our team’s competency with the tools of our trade. 


Hydessco utilizes SolidWorks Simulation to perform structural and finite element analysis (FEA) on structural parts or assemblies to ensure quality, performance and safety requirement are in compliance.  When clients have requested FEA for large structural equipment, Hydessco provides an official report with FEA results and conclusions.  Let us know if you have any area of concerns, whether it be from previous experience or different manufacturing facilities, we will investigate and perform FEA when practical (or required).  We also collaborate with additional engineering firms for full structural DNV analysis and structural reports required from DNV design appraisals.


Hydessco’s skilled staff takes pride in every aspect of our deliverables.  Through experience and local expertise, we have been able to produce exceptional equipment operator’s manuals, OIM manuals, and quick-start guides as required.  This is typically not a standard offering on general equipment due to necessary resources; however, Hydessco is eager to offer this value adding element to your equipment – when requested.


The Hydessco team has designed, manufactured, and documented multiple CE certified capillary units for use on the European market.  We have worked closely with third part inspectors and CE advisors to fulfill all requirements of Technical Files necessary for CE marking.  The primary directives we have certified our equipment to are: Machinery (2006/42/EC), ATEX (94/9/EC), EMC (2004/108/EC), and PED (97/23/EC) – when applicable.  We have the skillset and necessary resources to meet your global equipment requirements.