Hydessco is a fully functioning, one-stop fabrication shop that takes an enormous amount of pride in meeting or exceeding the client’s needs.  Whether your interest is the one-off prototype or a series capillary trucks, trailers or DNV skids, we have an experienced team eager to produce a high quality piece of revenue generating equipment.


American Welding Society (AWS) is the worldwide leader in certification programs for the welding industry.  Hydessco invests resources into perfecting our craft each day and the AWS certified welding program is a key metric signifying we are competent in our trade.


Hydessco carries DNV 2.7-3 Type Approvals for three (3) standard product lines: 15K Payload Offshore Skid, 10K Payload Offshore Skid and the 6600 Injector Head. We have the capability to design, fabricate and DNV certify (3rd party certification) your offshore equipment – standard or custom.

We also have the ability certify units per EN 12079 (European Lifting Standard).


Hydessco’s Welding and Fabrication Department takes pride in its ability to manufacture an end product that is more than satisfactory to the client. With our certified welding staff, engineering and design departments and in-house or 3rd party machine shops, we are able to produce a piece of equipment to meet every aspect of the client’s needs.  Hydessco has a thorough documentation and testing protocall for all equipment.  All equipment designed to be lifted goes through an extensive process of lift testing,  NDT inspection as well as a visual inspection by certified personal and/or facilities.  All MTR's for consumables as well as structural material are documented per every piece of equipment that is produced at Hydessco.  Whether it be a custom piece of equipment or a standard product we assure that every step of your project is completed and prepared by a certified personel in their specific field.


From Aluminum to Carbon Steel, Hydessco is able to repair, replace or restructure your equipment. From an add on to an existing piece of equipment, broken welds, or heavily used equipment needing a facelift, Hydessco's certified welding and fabrication staff can and will meet the needs and expectations of each client.


Whether it be a napkin sketch provided by the client or a sit down with our team, Hydessco can and will produce a piece of equipment that meets or exceeds the needs of each client.  Our previous projects range from size and difficulty, but there is no challenge we cannot overcome.